Event: Taraksa



Taraksa was a great event that time. It was inspiring and made people wondered the next story after each scene. It was held in February 26-27th, 2013 at Dago Tea House Bandung. Some of my friends played in this event because Taraksa itself is one of Epik Theater exactly Vol. 5 which was made and organized by my senior in my college.

The story of Taraksa is that Taraksa itself is a forgotten story. It is about forgotten legend. It is a story of a man who opposes the sky to pick up the women he loves, Chiandra.

The set of the story begins in a peaceful village located at the foothills facing a lake and surrounded by trees. The citizen of Ahimsa believes that their God is a kingdom high up in the sky, shiny with great throne, but empty. The throne is the moon,which will fully shine if there is a sacrificed volunteer.

Overall, the whole story is quite unique because it combined music, gestures and everything that were needed for such performance and it was played well. The characters were played greatly and exactly like the story.



Event: Brighspot


This Brightspot Market event was held at February 14-17th, 2013. It has been recognized during the past year. The goal of the event would be to existing younger, impartial style and solution designers with special stores and international streewear models. This specific affair has been continually been recently placed yearly via 09. Coming from almost 5000 readers that stumbled on the event during the past year, inside 2012 this readers has elevated a lot to 57000. The recognition on the affair has created a ethnical occurrence.

The last time I went there, there were really many people attending and there were also lots of good stuffs. Clothes, shoes, and even accessories were also available from the usual ones till the unique ones. Even though it was rather crowded but it was will a great event because it could provide good quality products and of course with various model of them. It was a great event and I will eventually come again to this event.

45 Ideas in 2011 of Business News Daily

business news

Business News Daily is definitely an on-line data reference required for businesses that are willing to initial a business. The website stuff are extremely useful since it discuss about the hottest data & models, start-up principles, income & account, profit & advertising, along with systems therapy.

The website classifies the article into categories such as, news and trend, start up basics, money and finance, sales and marketing and technology. Here is two examples of the ideas:

  • Career coach –In this competitive market, job seekers need all the help they can get. From drafting a resume to salary negotiations, career coaches help job seekers in every step of the process to provide an edge over other candidates.
  • Personal social media consultant – Anyone applying for college, a job or building a relationship with a business partner should expect their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to be scrutinized. Personal social media consultants help individuals use social media to highlight their expertise and position themselves as an expert in their field while downplaying any negatives.


All About Trend


Trendstop. com is usually an online vogue and tendency predicting organization located in Greater london, throughout the world well known for its directional tendency investigation and forecasts. They are dependable for their expertise in effectively forecasting vogue and life-style tendencies via period for you to period, and for their chance to aid their particular customers easily observe tendencies is usually converted inside their personal models and projects.


They feature tendency accounts, are living tendency advancement, mobile and pill tendency programs, and as well tendency consultancy for their customers. yet, in such a site, you could potentially investigate what’s media hype from the vogue planet right now and gain some inspirations beyond doubt.

JWT Intelligence


JWT Intelligence is really a centre with regard to attention grabbing pondering, that’s a a part of JWT, that making perception of the mayhem in the earth involving hyper-abundant facts and frequent innovation—finding excellent in the midst of the quantity. The mantra “converting ethnic adjustments in opportunities” revealed that they can focus on discovering adjustments within the global zeitgeist so that you can turn adjustments in compelling options with regard to brand names. JWT Thinking ability have inked those for their own multinational consumers across various classes including prescription drugs, make-up, foods, and household and personal proper care. they have got greater than 200 office buildings within in excess of 90 nations around the world, hiring virtually 10, 000 promoting experts.

You’ll find a good yearly prediction associated with variations intended for the end, brand-new systems is within the acquire middle degree. Obviously, this assessment is going to be quite very theraputic for business people, specifically those people in connection with systems, innovative significant, along with life style.

Here’s one of the recent post of them:

Top Online Marketing Blog


TopRank is usually a on the internet marketing organization in which allows corporations increase income, manufacturer field of vision on the internet as well as develop much better customer proposal. The blog will be the component of TopRank internet promotion in which specialize in articles dependent customer purchase as well as marriage packages in which point out articles marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, small business blogging as well as marketing, as well as on the internet advertising.

The site provides a remarkable details about the world connected with marketing via unique groups. The site mainly put together assets which a business specialist should be aware of as well as changed. TopRank web site also url people to the main TopRank internet promotion site. The site provide information on marketing information, high light, as well as routines. Aside from, TopRank’s principal small business will be this company connected with revolutionary as well as tailored internet promotion program.

Review of http://www.toprankblog.com/

Creative Design, Creative Opera

Review of http://www.creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs/


Creative Opera provides incredibly beneficial assistance for many who loves to layout given it provides direction-finding assistance for them to search for layout sites online. Yet, the planning sites that this folks are going to locate with all the direction-finding products and services are merely things that the author offers decided on while the woman’s preferred. Presently, you’ll find in relation to in excess of 70 sites supplied. This sites inside internet site are generally labeled for making that simpler for folks to go looking. When you initially entered your blog you’ll see helpful tips in regards to the internet site and also the sites inside specifically. From the remaining area of the internet site, the author provides listing for example, layout finds, layout resumes, layout common myths and layout sites. Your website are extremely realistic and interesting. The use of several graphic displays inside internet site grabs our awareness a lot and I adore that.

From that site, you’ll find listing of sites that slowly and patiently published by the good author, Manda Szewczyk (perhaps), to ensure its categorized into 10 main groups. those web-sites, in the woman’s opinion, are sites that provide the most suitable content thus to their readers.