Event: Taraksa



Taraksa was a great event that time. It was inspiring and made people wondered the next story after each scene. It was held in February 26-27th, 2013 at Dago Tea House Bandung. Some of my friends played in this event because Taraksa itself is one of Epik Theater exactly Vol. 5 which was made and organized by my senior in my college.

The story of Taraksa is that Taraksa itself is a forgotten story. It is about forgotten legend. It is a story of a man who opposes the sky to pick up the women he loves, Chiandra.

The set of the story begins in a peaceful village located at the foothills facing a lake and surrounded by trees. The citizen of Ahimsa believes that their God is a kingdom high up in the sky, shiny with great throne, but empty. The throne is the moon,which will fully shine if there is a sacrificed volunteer.

Overall, the whole story is quite unique because it combined music, gestures and everything that were needed for such performance and it was played well. The characters were played greatly and exactly like the story.



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